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“A big hello to all past and future guests and friends. The Aquana family and staff would like to say a big thank you to everyone for all your wonderful support, kindness and generosity. Aquana luckily has only received minor damage from cyclone Pam and clean up is well under way. We have decided to close the resort till the 14th of April to give the staff a chance to repair damages to their houses. Aquana will also take the chance to upgrade some of its facilities and make a few additions during this time. All of our staff have been accounted for and nearly all of them have already turned up to work, even though some of them have lost their roofs etc. The spirit amongst the staff is stronger than ever and some days amongst all the laughter in these challenging times we almost forget the force and destruction that cyclone Pam carried with it.  There is lots of media coverage here in Vanuatu at the moment, which is a great thing for the country, but please be aware some media coverage is more directed towards “doom and gloom attention grabbing”. Vanuatu is and always will be a very special place, voted twice as the happiest country on earth, and now it needs tourism support more than ever. The Aquana family and staff will be ready and waiting to greet you with open arms upon your arrival.”

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